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SMD Marking Codes, MOSFET Cross Reference, Manufacturer Logo identification, Electronic Component tutorials

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About CliveTEC

The Webs No1 FREE source for SMD code Marking, MOSFET Cross Reference & Manufacturer Logo Identification

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I work in the electronics repair industry repairing all types of electronic devices, from high voltage drives to microprocessor boards. It is not always easy to find the right information on electronic components and manufacturers. With this mind I have set up CliveTEC in order to speed up this process.


Site update

02/09/05 Finally I have completed my first major update of the SMD Marking Codes pages. There are now nearly twice as many codes listed here than on any other site, nearly 8000 in fact. Please check it out and donít forget to bookmark this site if you haven't already.
Not only that but I have also completely revamped the MOSFET Cross Reference pages as well.


This site is expanding weekly if not daily so keep coming back to check its progress.

TOP of CliveTEC, No1 for: SMD Marking Codes, MOSFET Cross Reference, Manufacturer Logo identification, Electronic Component tutorials

Getting the most from this site

CliveTEC Pages
Under the heading PAGES are links to the different CliveTEC pages that I have created for this site as listed below:

SMD Marking Codes
If you are looking for surface mount device (SMD) information /SMD Marking Code identification then check out the SMD Marking Codes section.
there are nearly 8000 SMD Marking Codes listed here and more are being added daily.

MOSFET Cross Reference
If you need to find an alternative to that old MOSFET then MOSFET Cross Reference is the place to look. Not only that but all listed devices have their characteristics and package type listed too. Manufacturers Logos
If you can see a logo on the semiconductor device you are after, but don't know who manufactured it. Then check out the Logos and Links pages A-G, H-Q, R-Z. Find the logo and click on the link to take you straight to the manufacturer's home page.

The Drives page (now completed), lists drive manufacturers and suppliers with all relevant contact details arranged alphabetically for ease of use.

Hobby Pages
The Hobby section is where you will find information on various types of components and is aimed at the amature as well as the professional.
I am continuing to add pages to this section, but so far these include pages on Resistors, Capacitors, Diodes, Transistors and a MOSFET Cross Reference, which I believe is quite unique on the web. I intend to add futher pages on IC's, Relays and lots more devices plus package details for both standard and surface mount devices (SMD).

3 Phase Wiring
To bring the UK more in line with the rest of Europe, the electrical wiring colour scheme has changed. From the 1st of April 2004 you will be allowed to use these new colours in fixed wiring installations. You can still use the old colours but only up to 1st April 2006.
Check my new page 3 Phase Wiring for more details.

TOP of CliveTEC, No1 for: SMD Marking Codes, MOSFET Cross Reference, Manufacturer Logo identification, Electronic Component tutorials


Datasheet Sources
This section is for locating datasheets. I may add my own PDF files here at some point in the future, but until then you check out Datasheet Archive or Datasheet Catalog. At Doom.com you will need to give an email address to obtain a weeks free trial of this site. For current production components AmericanMicroSemi can be very good also. There are some good pages of Transistor Data here. If you can't find the required datasheet on any of these sites then using the Google search box below type in "LM741 datasheet" for example; you will get more meaningful links than if you were to leave out the word "datasheet". If you really want the LM741 datasheet you can download it from here. You can also search CliveTEC by clicking on the CliveTEC radio button, but not all pages have been indexed yet I hope that they will have been indexed by the end of June.


TOP of Clive TEC, No1 for: SMD code marking

Component Sources
If you have tried your usual sources and drawn a blank, try doing a search on Net Components (membership required), as this will usually supply a list of electronic component suppliers and distributors for the components that you are looking for. Or, checkout the manufacturers website for a list of local suppliers / distributors.
You can also check on Dial Electronics or as an amature Maplin holds a very good range.

TOP of Clive TEC, No1 for: SMD code marking

Company Search
This last section can be used to find phone numbers and addresses of UK company's. You can also do a search for different kinds of manufacturers i.e.. "RESISTORS" "CAPACITORS" etc. This can be very useful if you are after a special one off component, as you can often get a sample sent Free Of Charge.
Try Applegate or Kellysearch and if all else fails there is always good old Yellow Pages.

If you would like to contribute to the SMD Marking Codes or MOSFET Cross Reference pages, please email me with your pdf, jpg or whatever proof so that I can add your details.
If you have any comments or if there are other recourses that you would like to see added to this site, your suggestions will be more than welcome.

Please send emails to the address below.

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