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SMD marking codes I

Be sure to check the '1' (One) table as well.

Code Device Manufacturer Base Package Leaded Equivalent/Data
I BBY51-02W Sie I SCD80 3-5 pF varicap
I BBY52-03W Sie I SOT323 1.25-1.75 pF varicap in
I08 SST108 Sil F SOT23 J108 n-ch jfet
I09 SST109 Sil F SOT23 J109 n-ch jfet
I10 SST110 Sil F SOT23 J110 n-ch jfet
I9 1SS336 Tos - SOT23 Si Diode
IO 2SA1298-O Tos - SOT23 Si pnp
IO 2SC3515-O Tos - SOT89 Si npn
IY 2SA1298-Y Tos - SOT23 Si pnp
IY 2SC3515-Y Tos - SOT89 Si npn

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