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SMD marking codes

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Because of their size, SMD devices cannot carry conventional semiconductor codes. So each manufacturer gives their products an individual code. These codes are usually consist of two or three digits / letters.
This fact alone can make the device identification a real headache for third party repair organizations.
The above linked pages contain reference to over 4000 devices and I still have more data to add. The data is as accurate as possible, however I am only human and may have made some mistakes (typo's etc) so If you spot something that you are not sure about please email me at the address on the index page and I will be only too glad to check it for you.

If you cannot see the links then you will need to enable java as they are writen in javascript.

To identify a particular SMD device, first identify the package style and note the ID code printed on the device.
It can also help if you have a device with the same packaging and code as you can do a CT check on the good device to tell you a bit about the device type you are looking for. For example there are five devices marked 02, but if you know the device you are looking for is in a SOT23 package you can look it up on page 0 and locate the device BSX39.

Be warned though, even the same manufacturer may use the same code for different devices, this is where a CT check or transistor test can ultimately be decisive in part choice.

Lastly, a big thank you to all those who have contributed to these pages especially G4PMK without who's help I might never have started this part of my site.

Melf Diodes
MELFs (Metal Electrode Leadless Face) have metallised terminals at each end of a cylindrical body and are designed to fit the same footprints as flat components i.e.: 0805 (.08" x .05") and the 0603 (.06" x .03").

Below is a diagram of a MELF package, mini MELF (SOD80) also known as LL-34 or DO-213AA. The larger MELF package is also known as SM1, LL-41 or DO-213AB. Dimensions are for indication purposes only as they will vary slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer.

SOD80 Package diagram. SOD stands for Small Outline Diode.
MELF L=4.9mm D=2.5mm
                        mini-MELF (SOD80C) L=3.5mm D=1.6mm
         micro-MELF L=2.2mm D=1.1mm

(MELF/SOD-80) Colour banded types

Cathode		Diode type :
Colour Band.

Black 			BAS32, BAS45, BA682, BA683, BAV105, LL4148,
			LL4150, LL4151, LL4153, LL4448, BB241, BB249
Black Brown 		LL4148, LL914
Black Orange		LL4150, BB219
Brown Green 		LL300
Brown Black 		LL4448
Red 			BA682
Red Orange 		BA683
Red Green 		BA423L
Red White 		LL600
Orange Yellow	LL3595
Yellow			BZV55, BZV80, BZV81 (zeners)
Green 			BAV105, BB240
Green Black 		BAV100
Green Brown 		BAV101
Green Red 		BAV102
Green Orange		BAV103
Gray 			BAS81, BAS82, BAS83, BAS85, BAS86
White 			BB219
White Green 		BB215

Vishay/General Semiconductor Mini-MELF diodes

CATHODE		Mini MELF Device Type

Black			General purpose
Yellow			Switching
Green			Schottky
Blue			Zener


Black			Zener
Green			Schottky


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