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New 3 Phase Wiring
To bring the UK more in line with the rest of Europe, the electrical wiring colour scheme has changed. From the 1st of April 2004 you will be allowed to use these new colours in fixed wiring installations. You can still use the old colours but only up to 1st April 2006.

Single Phase
Single phase wiring will change as follows:
Red (Live) becomes Brown
Black (Neutral) becomes Blue

3 Phase
3 phase wiring will change as follows:
Red (Phase 1) becomes Brown
Yellow (Phase 2) becomes Black
Blue (Phase 3) becomes Grey
Black (Neutral) becomes Blue
Earth remains the Green/Yellow that it is today.

Needless to say that the consequences of getting it wrong can be disasterous.
Safe working practises for working with the new cables include, extra training, updating of records and manuals etc. Warning notices and extra labelling may also be required, check the link below for details.

Below is a diagram to help you:

You should also visit IEE for more details.

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